Morgan always had a passion for music, but the decision to start creating music sparked in 2014 at Parklife. After experiencing, first-hand Eats Everything and Seth Troxler play back-to-back, Morgan had his vision set on his music journey.


After thousands of hours trying to carve out his niche in the industry, Morgan settled on remastering 90s tracks, with a twist. Morgan started to pour endless amounts of time into audio experimentation and discovered the process of storytelling through sound and frequency.

After buying his Korg Midi Keyboard and Logic Pro X from the Apple store, Morgan put his headphones on and pressed play on his new venture.


As time went by, and the experimentation continued, the passion and need to create new sounds only grew. Publishing his first song called ‘Something for your Soul’ was a true testament to all the hard work Morgan had put in up to now, and it certainly set the standard for all the music to come.

Pressing publish across Soundcloud, Apple
Music, and Spotify was a surreal moment for Morgan but brought his dream into reality. Morgan was officially an artist.



Morgan’s ability to analyse sounds and piece together different tracks comes naturally, but that’s not to say the journey of content creation is easy. Morgan admits that hitting a wall during content creation happens to all creators, but that’s when he knows it’s
time to put the headphones back on and spend time searching for new sounds

Getting lost in the music is the only way to find your waythrough the creator’s block. ‘It’s not about all the expensive hardware. It’s about yourideas, and the vision for the story you wish to tell through sound.’



From making tracks in his bedroom to signing with the Ministry of Sound, after 6 years of hard work and endless creativity, Morgan Seatree launched UNFUSSY Label. After
creating just 3 tracks under the UNFUSSY Label, Morgan began to look past the horizon.

There was something more he could offer to the industry, and his fan base. Morgan could tell stories through sound, but now he wanted to create something physical, more

UNFUSSY Events was born in June 2021 and the first being themed around ‘Summer Vibes’ was a huge success. Morgan successfully transcended his storytelling experiences from Audio into the physical world.

Creating events has become just as enjoyable as making music.


The vision is to bring memorable experiences to everyone all over the globe. Finding the
best talent and signing house classics of the future, UNFUSSY is here to stand the test of time. There are a lot of festivals and events which go on all around the world, but each year just feels the same.

UNFUSSY events allow me to tell stories in an environment in which I control and create and push the boundaries of what I think is possible. I honestly can’t wait.

So, are you ready to party...